Email platforms – Gmail – Yahoo Mail – AOL Mail – Outlook.

Have you asked yourself if there are other Email Platforms out there that you do not know about? Do you know that we have lots of emails providing platforms on the internet and all over the world? And I think these should be what you should know before now but since we are not exposed to all the rest email platforms, I am going to tell some types of email provider sites for us to know them and apply for an account with each of them.

Email platforms - Gmail - Yahoo Mail - AOL Mail - Outlook.

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Email platforms

Email is a message like service that is sent to your account and you also sent them to others. It is an electric form of sending messages across the world to who so ever you want to send an email message to and for you to send emails to someone else, you need an email provider service like Gmail or any other email providing service.

In no time I am going to talk about the email platforms so that you will know them and sign up with them also. Now let discuss some of the types of email provider platforms or services we have. We have Gmail, yahoo mail, outlook or Hotmail, AOL mail, and so much more. I will be talking about each of them in the following paragraph below.


Gmail is a platform that provides email service in which you can use the Gmail platform to send emails and also receive emails from others. It can be used to draft emails, compose, save documents and all. There are some things you can use Gmail for, like access to any other email platform service. Gmail is a product of Google and if you do not have a Gmail account you cannot access any of the Google service sites or services.

This is what most people do not know, they think that Gmail is something that has no value but it has a very important value. And how can you create an account with this email provider website? Now, let’s talk about how someone can sign up with this platform.

How to sign up

To sign up is not something that is difficult, you just have to access some steps. The step that you need to take is to access your browser and then visit Gmail. And then click the create link that is below the sign-in button. The create link that you click on will link you to the sign-up page, where you have to provide the following information. Your first and last name, the name of your email address that you want to use, and password.

After that, click next and also provide the other details on that page. You will see a space where to fill in your number, enter the number and click next. A code will be sent to you, copy the code and paste it into the code box and continue. The other step is to enter your date of birth and hit the next button. Click agree and your account will be created instantly.

Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is another email provider platform where you can do lots of things. You can get or read news, finance, sports, politics, entertainment shows, lifestyle, shopping, and more. This site is loaded more than most email platforms. It contains lots of stuff and you can use it to market or advertise your small businesses. It can be used to send emails and all but you also have to create an account first, that is the first thing you need to do.

How to Sign in

Every email platform has its own way of signing up on it. The way in which you can sign up with this platform may be different from any other email platform sign up so follow the procedure that you are about to encounter in here to sign up your yahoo mail account. You just need to visit the website by accessing this website Yahoo in your web browser. Or you can visit Yahoo mail to take you straight to the sign-up page.

After visiting this URL, click on the sign-in link at the top of the homepage. Look down and click create an account, enter your first and last name. Then the name of the email address you want to use, password, your mobile number, date of birth; year, day, and month. The other thing is to click the continue button below the boxes. After clicking the continue button and you notice any other requirement, you just have to provide the details for it that’s all.

AOL Mail

AOL mail is another email platform that also renders email services to its users. It also offers news stuff, entertainment, lifestyle, and so much more of them. AOL mail is just yahoo mail, but yahoo mail is a little different from AOL mail. I am not talking must about this email provider service because whatever I have discussed with you, is what I am going to discuss with you here.

So, there is no need for that, what you should know is the sign-up. The sign-up process is a little different from the one of the yahoo mails and the Gmail. There is no time to go into details but when you access the website you can make your way through the sign-up process. You just have to visit AOL and then click on the login button there. Then click the join button you see on the site page and follow the on-screen prescription on the sign-up page, that is it.

Outlook or Hotmail

What do you think is an outlook or Hotmail? Outlook or Hotmail is also a platform that renders email services. This platform is designed for anyone to access email inbox and intuitive voice control navigation and to also support multiple assistive devices. And for anyone to access this platform, he or she must sign up for an account first.

For you to create an account, you need to, first of all, visit the website. You can visit their website through Hotmail or Outlook on your browser. Both links are the same and the name Hotmail and outlook are the same also. When you visit the website, you are going to see a link that has “create a free account” on it. Click it and follow the steps on it. Each of these platforms has a mobile app that any of its users can download, you just need to go to your app store to download.

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