Facetime Android – How to Facetime App Download

Are you searching for Facetime Android, then you should be reading this article? Here you will find all the information you want about facetime android inside this article. I got this article ready most especially for Android phone users to read. The truth is that the facetime app is not available for any Android devices, the only device that can make use of this app is the iOS and Mac system.

Facetime Android - How to Facetime App Download

It can’t be used by the windows system either. There are different websites that talked about this device, which say the facetime is available for Android. All of these are not true, all of these things are fake and they are scams. You should not believe what they say.

Facetime Android

Do you ever think of what facetime is used for or is? Facetime is well known and it is a very cool app that is used for video or audio calls and also for ending text messages instantly. Facetime is an app that is made for the iOS platform and it is thinking of coming to the Android platform. As you keep reading this article, I will tell you about all these things just keep on reading. If you are an Android user that wants to know about the facetime android, this is the article that you should not be missing.

Without wasting your time on this article, you will get the answer right on. So many Android users ask this question if a facetime app can be used on Android devices or not. After all the research that I have carried out about this particular topic, I find no result for it, which means the facetime is not available on Android devices. The facetime app cannot be used by Android users for the moment like I said the app is only available for iOS and Mac systems.


The reason why you can’t make use of facetime on Android is that the app is an apple product. The configuration of the facetime app is placed on the iOS devices and it cannot be used on Android devices. The most interesting part of these is that that app is not available on the google play store for the Android users but it is available on the iTunes app store for iOS users.

How to Download the Facetime App for iOS or Mac Devices

What you have to do is to access your iTunes app store on your iOS or Mac and search for it with the search bar. And you will be able to find the app on the result page click on it and click install or download to get it. I don’t know if they can sign up on it because I am not using any of these two devices, so if it happened that you find out that sign up required. You just have to provide the information required of you on the sign-up page. thanks for reading this article and now you already know that the facetime cannot be used on Android devices.

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